Ghazella’s fool (story)

He was passionate about her, dreamt about her when he closed his eyes, he saw himself in the ghazel’s place, he envied the animal, she lived in his imagination for years until he managed to work in the city. He used to work in the police department at the Grand Hotel’s street, he loved to … Continue reading Ghazella’s fool (story)

Golden Tooth of The Pigeon- Story

(1) Eight Minutes before. Two hours after Midnight were declared by the upbeat sound of jazz music in the Purple Shades Pub & Comedy Club, where strangers meet and mingle in underground London, the wooden floor and the black walls built using Pharaonic stone grids meet with the purple neon and white shades of the … Continue reading Golden Tooth of The Pigeon- Story

الخلاص أخيراً

  سافر أخيراً، كان ذلك حلمه ومطمعه الوحيد من هذه الحياة منذ أن علم بوجود قرىً وبلاد أخرى غير التي يقطنها، هاهو يجلس في مقهى لا يعرف فيه أحد على بحر لا يمده مده ولا يجزره جزره بعد سبعين عاماً قضاها وحيداً لا عائلة تأويه سوى ما اعتبرهم من زملائه الأجراء الأجانب الذين شاركهم المأوى … Continue reading الخلاص أخيراً